Imagine this scenario: Your boss calls you at 10 A.M. and asks you to come to his office for a 2 P.M. meeting. The company rumor mill has been forecasting terminations, and now you're anxious. Which option best describes how you'd react?

Option 1

You make a list of the people who would be let go before you, based on seniority and job performance. Then you prepare to defend your work if need be.

Option 2

You try to identify what you may have done wrong recently. Then you invite a close coworker out for coffee and speculate about the meeting.

Option 3

You proceed with your day, but in the back of your mind you think about all the things you dislike about your job, until a pink slip doesn't seem so terrible.

Option 4

You spend the morning sending out feelers to your contacts in the field. Taking action and knowing you have other prospects makes you feel better.

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