There's still nothing quite like it: to be lost inside a book, savoring words as if they were spoonfuls of crème brûlée, luxuriating in every perfect sentence.

But even though I thought it would never happen to me, it has: I read with book in hand only when I'm home. More often I'm on the road, reading on my Kindle or iPad.

I must confess, I sometimes go giddy shopping online in the Kindle store or seeing how quickly I can download from iBooks. It still amazes me. I can be reading an article, a book is mentioned, and in an instant I can have the words at hand. How does that happen?

However it happens, I know for sure that it brings me happiness to explore the world through books without ever having to leave my chair to shop for one.

And this from someone who felt like I lost a dear old friend when Borders closed on Michigan Avenue in Chicago.

Yes, I still love the feel of a book in my hand. But I've adjusted. I never liked making notes on good pages of literature. With my electronic devices, I get to highlight and scribble to my heart's content. And I love seeing what other people have noted.

We've created a digital reading circle that's as wide as the world, and everyone is welcome.

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