Dr. Oz   What Oprah knows for sure Gayle King   Gayle King and Lisa Ling’s opening remarks
Experts   May we help you?: Susan Casey introduces Dr. Oz, Suze Orman and Martha Beck Martha Beck   Martha Beck on finding your passion
Donna Brazile   Donna Brazile on how you can change the world Suze Orman   Suze Orman on letting your passion find you
Dr. Oz   Dr. Oz on the 7 things everyone must do for their health Bob Greene   Bob Greene on making positive changes stick
Adam Glassman and Val Monroe   Adam Glassman and Val Monroe on how to look and feel your best Nate Berkus   Nate Berkus on letting your home tell the story of who you are
Peter Walsh   Peter Walsh’s no-fail decluttering strategies Experts   O’s experts reveal what they know for sure
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