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What You Want: To move on from the past.

What to Try: A short writing exercise. "Your memoir will open doorways to yourself and the world," writes literary agent Sarah Jane Freymann and creative writing teacher Brenda Peterson in their new book Your Life Is a Book: How to Craft and Publish Your Memoir. The process of writing about your past can lead to a boost in self-acceptance, self-awareness and fulfillment. And while it's true that not all of us have time to finish a 200-page manuscript, filling in the answer to these three short exercises may help you face a difficult experience and recognize your own strengths, personal growth and—yes—wisdom.

I have survived__________because of my________.

It was not until my encounter with______that I understood______.

After my experiences with [loss, sickness, broken heart, abuse, betrayal], I finally "got it." I recognized that I learned most when I was_____________________.