As we go through this guided visualization, just be with yourself.

Don't worry about the results or getting anything.

Just be with yourself.

Gently close your eyes and take some relaxing breaths in a way that feels comfortable to you.

Just breathe.

Feel your body in the chair.
Feel your feet on the floor.

As you breathe, imagine that you are inhabiting yourself. Imagine each breath is just filling you and allowing you to relax.

While you're breathing, imagine someplace where you feel comforted.
It might be the bath.
A place where you feel comfortable.
Maybe lying on the ground in a beautiful meadow.
Or on a bench in your favorite garden or park.
You might imagine lying at a beach with the warm sun on your body.

Just relax into this place.

Follow your breath. Let your breath take you there.

As you rest in this place, just ponder the question: Why am I here?

Ask yourself that. Why am I here?

You might just feel a deepening sense of peace.
You may see an image or hear a word.

Just sit with this question: Why am I here?

     What are you called to do?
     What's calling you in your life?

Simply notice anything that comes to mind, and enjoy this time with yourself.

Know that there's a very wise and loving part of you that resides within you, and is always there for you. You can always turn there for anything. This is the first place to come to.

Just breathe.

When you're ready, thank that wise part of you for being there, for allowing you these few moments of peace and connection.

Gently begin to come back to the room.
Feel your body in the chair.
Return to the present moment.
And when you're ready, gently open your eyes.


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