Thousands have confessed to "letting ourselves go"—not making ourselves a priority in our own lives. Dr. Robin Smith says it's time to determine your greater purpose.
Why Women Let Themselves Go
Ever-expanding to-do lists, fears of inadequacy—it's enough to make anyone want to drop out of the game. Is this happening to you?

The "Who Am I?" Journal
Who are you? It's a lifelong question that needs exploration. Start an online discovery journal to find your way.

The Hollywood Trainer
Ready to get fit? Personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins shows what seven days of healthy diet and exercise looks like.

Rediscover Who You Are
You've already taken the first step in launching your comeback—recognizing that you've lost who you were meant to be. Regain your power and get "You" back on track!

Reading and Resources
Dr. Robin Smith offers additional support with a recommended reading list and where you can call for help .


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