1. Don't let the haters get you down. Take Statler and Waldorf, those old hecklers on the balcony. Whenever I hear them say things like, "They aren't half bad! No, they're all bad," it gets me fired up—in the best way.

2. Keep your head in the clouds. Yeah, yeah, people—and frogs, too—get a bad rep for doing this, but you can't be afraid to dream.

3. Love is...strange. I never expected that Miss Piggy and I would end up together, but here we are, the world's longest-running interspecies celebrity romance. Even though she can be overbearing, she's also loving, entertaining, and persistent. And she's fluent in French (well, her version anyway).

4. Everybody's got a skill. As Muppets, our gifts can be offbeat—one of us might be a world-class bog snorkeler; another, a masterful boomerang fish thrower—but we all bring something to the table. Don't forget to embrace your quirks.

5. Never say croak. This is an amphibian phrase that means "Don't give up." If you believe in yourself, anything can happen. Just ask the talking frog.


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