Jamie Lee Curtis

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To celebrate her 50th birthday this year, Jamie is foregoing the late-night partying for a birthday breakfast. It makes perfect sense, since Jamie says she likes to be in bed by 8 p.m. "I'm like a farmer in that way," she jokes. "Breakfast has always been my favorite meal, and I thought, 'I'm going to make all my friends get up early and come over about 8 in the morning with their kids. I'll have a carnival scene, and kids can make their hands in wax and have breakfast, and everybody will be gone by 11:30.'"

Although it's her birthday, Jamie says she is planning on being the gift-giver. "I'm making beautiful books of photographs as my gift to my friends," she says. Although Jamie's friends tell her she should show her photographs publicly, Jamie says she doesn't need any more attention. "I think for someone who's been this public eye her whole life, trying to sort of evolve in public, really, it's kind of a weird thing to do."