Jamie Lee Curtis

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Jamie says she is trying to portray a truthful image of herself, both in life and on the cover of AARP The Magazine. "I believe that life is hard," she says. "That we all are going to walk through things that are hard and challenging, and yet advertising wants us to believe that it's all easy. Everything's easy—aging's easy, childrearing's easy, dressing's easy—everything's easy. And I think it's a real disservice to people because I think it feeds you something that's not true."

While Jamie says she finds nothing wrong with corrective surgery, she thinks cosmetic surgery is a shortcut that doesn't fix the problem—and she knows from experience. Jamie says she has had cosmetic surgery on her lower eyelids as well as liposuction. "The fraud is, it doesn't work. It doesn't work because there are complications, and I got them all. It doesn't work because you still look in the mirror and you see the fraud of what you were trying to do."