Believe it or not, everyone has intuition. It's what you do with it that really matters. If you want more love in your life, it starts with you! A well-lived life is not without challenges or pain, but when you commit to using every experience to create a new you, you are using intuition in its most powerful and courageous form. Laura Day explains how to navigate the ins and outs of love, what your intuition does when you're committed to love and five healthy ways to create a good goodbye when it's time to leave.
Intuition, the ability to gather accurate data seemingly out of the blue, is a brain function everyone has for survival. When you need the facts fast to act when there is no time to reason or think, intuition gives you the right answer in the right time.

I tell my students, "If you have to believe in something for it to work, it doesn't work; your belief is what's working." Intuition works even for nonbelievers. I train people to see the proof of intuition's existence and usefulness. However, mature, committed love is a counterintuitive act when framed from the perspective of your brain's imperative of your own survival, or that of your company or other resources. It is the override of your system of survival and the conscious decision to employ belief instead of reason, data or experience.

While love for your children is a function of biology, some people choose to call love the rational trading of one set of desires for a set of comforts. True, mature love—whether it is for a partner, an employee or anyone in your life you've committed to past the passion or fascination stage of biology—is a choice to believe in that person even when faced with intuitive evidence and information to the contrary...and to set your sights on being part of the partnership's best outcome.

The gift of intuition not only helps you understand that best outcome from the other person's point of view, but it gives you the information to help him or her achieve it. As a parent, a lover, a mentor, your target is not fact-finding to aid your own survival, but a commitment to finding the best in the other.

Four things your intuition does when you are committed to love


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