What if you were given an instruction manual at the beginning of your life to help you find happiness, create loving relationships and discover your passions and life's purpose? Think of Madisyn Taylor's course, based on her book DailyOM: Learning to Live, as the manual you never received but always wanted. For nine weeks, she'll guide you as you explore the person you are and how you want to change your life and find your right path.
Personal transformation can occur during this course if you do the homework, or what I call Soul Reflection. At the end of each lesson, you will find questions, tasks and journaling assignments to complete in your own time for your own use. There is no paperwork to turn in—this course is for your own benefit.

You have shown interest in making change in your life by taking this course, so make sure to honor that commitment. Set aside time each day to work on the expansion of your soul's journey. You don't need to buy an expensive or fancy journal; I often buy notebooks at the grocery store for 99 cents and then decorate them with fabric or nice wrapping paper to make them special (or sometimes they just get covered in my doodles). It's important that you write your thoughts down rather than just think about your answers. When pen meets paper, something happens that allows you to "get out of your head" and help you to access your true feelings. It is always one thing to read and understand the lesson, but taking action and putting information into reality is when change will really happen in your life.

And, finally, before we begin, I want to address word usage in this course. I use the words "universe" and "spirit" because those are the words that I find most people are open to receiving. You are welcome to replace those words with ones that feel personal to you: higher power, source energy, God, infinite wisdom, divine, etc.

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Week 1: Being Honest with Yourself
Week 2: Accepting the Life You Create
Week 3: Making a Change
Week 4: Seeking Knowledge and Wisdom
Week 5: The Importance of Friends and Family
Week 6: Drawing Strength from Nature
Week 7: Getting Help from the Universe
Week 8: Working with Energy
Week 9: Helping Others

Madisyn Taylor is the co-founder of the online website DailyOM.com and spends too much time on the Internet. She's also a best-selling author; her books include DailyOM Inspirational Thoughts for a Happy, Healthy and Fulfilling Day (Hay House 2008) and DailyOM Learning to Live (Hay House 2010). 

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