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Photo: Amy Shearn

On the Street
I walk over this patch of road every day, but it was only on Valentine's Day (I kid you not) that I noticed this plaintive little declaration.
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Photo: Modacalle

In Graffiti
The keen eyes behind the Graffiti Collector blog spotted this excellent wheatpaste work, and everything about it makes me happy. Albert Einstein + love = an irresistible property defacement if ever there was one.
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Photo: Alexandra Marvar

On the Subway
Photographer Alexandra Marvar (@hollowwalls on Instagram) wrote, "Thanks to the acid etcher who made my commute a little more romantic. The '&' has been a <3 to me in love letters past for sure."
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Photo: Amy Krouse Rosenthal

At Home
This winsome collection of beloved things from author Amy Krouse Rosenthal reminds us that love doesn't have to be Big or Romantic to be important in a making-every-day-pleasurable kind of way.
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Photo: Tara Reese

On the Banks of the River
Photographer Tara Reese found this stone at the Vermont shore. She told me, "I moved to Vermont from California after a bitter breakup with my children's father. I spent a lot of time outside, quiet, by myself. My boys were playing waist-deep in a river, and as I sat on the banks watching them, this rock caught my eye. It's sat on my nightstand ever since and reminds me of that summer, that heartbreak does indeed pass, that love is always around, if you look." And if that doesn't give you chills, I don't know what will.

Visit Reese's Flickr stream for more of her photography.
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Photo: Sidewalk Love Letters

On the Sidewalk
Love letters, like jokes and poems and birthday presents, are best when they contain a touch of surprise. That's the concept behind Sidewalk Love Letters, where they will help you to craft a romantic treasure hunt of your own. What a gift.
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Photo: Tracy Emin

In Times Square at Midnight
With all its flash and chaos, Times Square is not where most of us New Yorkers would think to look for a loving affirmation. Artist Tracy Emin changed that in February of 2013, when she created a series of neon hearts and love notes that appeared on 15 digital billboards.
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Photo: Alexandra Marvar

In a Traffic Jam
Finally, a bumper sticker that isn't trying to convince you of anything. Anything except, well, love is right in front of you. Alexandra Marvar (@hollowwalls on instagram) spotted this sweet message sticker in Kingston, New York.
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Photo: Adam Tetzloff

On Telephone Poles
A few years ago, these signs started popping up all over New York City. Turns out Jeff got over 100,000 responses--he even wrote a book about it! The moral of the story is: Reach out, and the universe will respond.

Photo from the Downtown at Dawn photography blog, a treasure trove of hidden New York City.
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Photo: Allen Skyy

On the Bridge
In Paris, where they know a thing or two about love (and being picturesque), people hang "love locks" on the Pont Des Arts pedestrian bridge, across the Seine. Le sigh. From the Flickr photostream of TheZartorialist, aka Allen Skyy.
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Photo: Alexandra Marvar

On the Wall
Photographer Alexandra Marvar captured this graffiti in Austin, Texas, and it really just says it all, doesn't it? We love you, too, green wall.
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Photo: Murad Osmann

All Over the World
When you're really in love, you know you would follow the object of your affection anywhere. Photographer Murad Osmann has captured that feeling in his poignant series, in which his girlfriend leads him all around the world.

(via Flavorwire)

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