Advent table

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Melissa L.
When my firstborn was just beginning to understand what Christmas was all about, I wanted to find a beautiful, nature-inspired way to celebrate the Advent season. I found the inspiration I was looking for in the book All Year Round by Ann Druitt. I began an advent table based on the idea of Mary on the Star Path. I made wooden dolls to represent Mary and Joseph. They "walk" the stars, one per day, to count down to Christmas evening. A few years into this tradition, I came across the book The Light in the Lantern by George Dreissig, which gave us a story-a-day to complete the tradition. Each week has a theme the stories revolve around, and the table is built, day by day, on the themes. Week 1: minerals; week 2: plants; week 3: animals; and week 4: humans. I could give up everything else Christmas has come to be about, as long as the advent table remains.

What traditions do you enjoy during the holiday season?