Boosting the power of the brain's right hemisphere can bring more imagination and openness into your life—and, according to neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor, make you more likely to experience spiritual moments. Try these tricks to strengthen your brain's right side:

Practice Mirror Writing. Compose words from right to left, reversing the letters. Moving your hand in this novel way requires activity in the right hemisphere.

Sing. It doesn't matter if you're on pitch; the act of singing, like other creative endeavors, helps fire the right brain.

Think Sideways. "Lateral thinking puzzles"—or problems that require examination from unexpected angles—make great use of the right brain. Try this one: Place five toothpicks on a flat surface so they form the number 5. Now, without adding any, make the number 16. Hint: The solution* isn't what you think.

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Related Resources *Solution: XVI, the Roman numeral 16.


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