If you want to be a doctor, you have to be willing to sacrifice at least eight years to achieve that goal. If you want to be a lawyer, it's seven years. That is not going to change, no matter how smart or charming you are.

Dig deep to figure out what you are good at. Close your eyes and say, "I'm good at..." and write down the first three things that come into your mind. Practice writing those things down for one week and soon you'll be able to focus on where you should pursue your efforts. Then, ask yourself what you like about the choice and what you don't like.

Earlier in life, I wanted to be a medical doctor but realized the sight of blood makes me queasy. I then redirected my love of research and helping people to writing and coaching. In the same way you write a weekly grocery list, you can write a list of what you are doing to achieve your goals. Your goal can include spending more time with family and friends or building up a résumé. You are the architect of your happiness and must decide what sacrifices are worth it to reach your personal goals.

But managing expectations isn't solely based on the premise that you should always win.

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