For those of you with perfect, loving families who are totally happy with your progress in life, read no further! But for everyone else, you can make the holidays a time of dramatic change and healing by using your innate intuitive abilities in a conscious and directed way.
Holidays are supposed to be a time when families unite, when you are reminded of your childhood or revisit the memories of yourself over the years. Some may be spending this time alone or far from home. But no matter where you are or who you are with, the holidays provide you with a unique opportunity to heal the inner patterns and relationships that have been obstructing your life and hindering your dreams.

The high energy and higher expectations surrounding the holidays can have a negative impact, as demonstrated by the accompanying high incidence of heart attacks and suicide. However, that same intensity can be used to your benefit to create dynamic and positive change. And you can start now.

This high energy allows us to easily connect to others who are feeling the same way, and it can be expediently, powerfully and positively directed and manipulated. As you become aware of your intuition and the links you share with one another in a real and tangible way, you also become aware of how powerful it can be to change old connections. By revisiting your old relationships, you can change the persistent patterns that have had you running the same unsatisfying maze over and over again in your life. The "miracles" we all grow so fond of during the holidays connote effortlessness, but that is contrary to the empowered change you can willingly create.

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