So how do you strengthen your plate so you feel powerful no matter what, even if your world feels out of control now? So your power comes from something other than the elusive goal or thing to go get?

  • Remember that sometimes you need to take things off your plate, not add to it.
    Life may be doing this already for you and therefore already has your best interests at heart, even though it may not look this way at this moment. What do you need to let go of? What is taking up your time? What is your biggest distraction? It often takes courage to start something—a relationship, a business; it can take even more courage to let it go.

  • Don't get stuck between the extremes of what you fear may happen (you probably have that list) and all the desires of what you don't yet have: the soul-mate, the perfect body, the dream house and the kids in college.
    Until then, you have this underlying sense of emptiness and waiting. These poles are what most people yo-yo between day to day: what you have, what you don't. Think about it: How much time do you spend on trying to keep things the same—your job, your weight—and how much time do you spend on longing, hoping, wanting something you don't yet have? This is what creates instability on the plate. Fear/desire, fear/desire. Hold on. Get. More. More. More. Be present with what is currently in your life; bring your mind back to right here, right now.

  • Start asking these questions: What should I not do with my life? What am I not?
    Do this instead of expressing all the things you are or have, and clinging to what you are doing, what you have.

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