So here's the real question you need to ask: If the plate is what is holding everything you hold dear and important, what is the actual plate? What is the place where all of this lands? How do you take better care of that?

Instead of fixing, improving, holding on, clinging to and wanting everything that's on your plate to be and look a certain way, how about focusing on what holds all of that together? Your plate is your glue. It's a symbol for what and who you are, regardless of anything external. Your plate is your essence, what remains, your faith, your spirituality, the part of you that can simply say, "I exist, I am," with nothing more needed after those words. No need for permission or external approval from others to feel worthy. The plate is the part of you that can have everything taken away from you, and you will still not be defeated—what was with you at the start and will be with you at the end. It's your eternal side, the side that is detached from the drama of anything that's happening. It's the part of you that can distinguish the small stuff from what truly matters.

So strengthen your plate and support it! If you do, you'll come to see you are still whole and complete, even when nothing is on your plate. You will then place meaning in something that isn't temporary. Your plate is your essence. We, you, I, exist. Something is untouchable. You are still here, no matter what, you always have been, even when you went through some really tough times.

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