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Q: My question is about dreams; sometimes I have dreams that mean nothing, but I often have dreams that are messages. The dreams are not exact, but seem very similar to something that happens in the near future. When I dream about my oldest son, most of the time it's a warning for him, and it has saved him a few times. In December, I had a dream of four people dying the same day, and a few days later, four people died by falling off a building while doing construction where my parents live. I wouldn't say I have powers, but deep down I feel that it's something, even though I'm not sure what. I don't discuss this with anyone because I don't want them to think I'm crazy. Is it all in my mind, or is there a special name for this?

— Nicole D., Orlando, Florida

Dear Nicole,
I'm sure you know dreams have a long history of meaning something, although at present, the pendulum has swung the other way, and neurologists tend to say dreams represent meaningless brain activity. If your dreams have meaning for you, isn't that enough validation? I have meaningful dreams myself. Sometimes they serve as a spur to creativity. Sometimes they comment on my current emotional state or on things that seem uncertain in the future. By their nature, dreams are personal and unpredictable.

Your dreams contain the element of premonition. Why? Because despite your niggling worries about being called crazy, you have opened a channel to a subtler part of your mind. You have given yourself permission to step into the domain of intuition and insight—or perhaps we should say farsight. Be happy about this. Millions of people, less fortunate than you, have sealed off the subtler levels of the mind and have no access at all. As for the practical use of your dreams, a lot depends on what you think is acceptable. Maybe you can help more people than just your son. Or maybe this will remain a private experience. Don't resist any possibility. Let your mind and your desire carry you to the next step.


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