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"Music is a wondrous language that exists out in the ether—all I do is make myself open for it to pass through me. This means that my creativity can be volatile. And fleeting. My best songs have come quickly—they surface when I'm really not even aware of the writing process. I pick up a guitar, and 20 minutes later I have a song like 'Kiss from a Rose.' The music just passes through me and feels divine in that way." —Seal, singer

Your Turn: Get Recording
Make and share an album without leaving your desk.

Plug In
Your computer likely has a built-in microphone, but for clearer sound, try a noise-canceling version like Logitech's USB Desktop Microphone.

Feel the Beat
The music software GarageBand is like a tiny recording studio right on your Mac: Sing along to imported songs or mix beats to make a new tune. Mixcraft is a similar program for PCs.

Spread your sound to thousands of listeners on, a community of passionate music lovers who share and comment on one another's tracks.

Make It Physical
Visit to design artwork that you can print and use as a CD-case insert. For a more professional look, Amazon's CreateSpace lets you upload photos and text, and then prints the complete CD—right down to the barcode.