Home decorating

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Change Your Scenery
Designer Emily Henderson masterminds a series of easy, inexpensive mini-makeovers that can help any space feel fresh and new.

6 affordable mini-makeovers that will freshen up your space

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Raise Your Glass
The most delicious things in life—food, music, conversation—are worth a little extra effort.

7 secrets to hosting an unforgettable get-together
Daily routine - desk

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Work It Out
Your daily routine can make you feel trapped and exhausted—or help you become the person you want to be.

8 little changes you need to make for a happier daily routine
Woman Journaling

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Get an O Expert's Advice
Want to improve your life (or just your lipstick)? Fire away.

6 ways to improve your life before Saturday
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Stop the Whining!
Author Roxane Gay liked to complain about her life. Until she realized that the only thing that needed a makeover was her attitude.

The most important step toward creating the life you want