The Oscar-winning writer-director of the new father-daughter drama Somewhere on cocktails at the Ritz, acting your age, and what she learned from Muhammad Ali.
Best Wardrobe Staple Black jeans from the Swedish line Acne. I wear them when I'm working—they look a little more pulled together than blue jeans.

Best Book I've Read Recently
Antonia Fraser's memoir of her life with Harold Pinter, Must You Go? Their story was very romantic, and it's nice to see two artists in a relationship who respected and admired each other's work.

Best Quickie Workout
Pushing a stroller to school.

Best Advice
When I was about 13, a friend of my parents told me always to be the age you are—don't try to seem older or younger. And I realized I was a kid trying to act like an adult, instead of experiencing my age. I've never forgotten that.

Best Saturday Morning
Pancakes at home with my boyfriend and our two daughters.

Best Cocktail
The Ritz 75 at Bar Hemingway in Paris: gin and Champagne, with a little sugar, OJ, and lemon juice. They have a recipe book, so you can make it at home.

Best Excuse
A baby is always a great reason to leave someplace early.

Best Way to Tame Butterflies
If I'm nervous before the premiere of a film, I think of what a friend told me about Muhammad Ali: Before a fight, he would ask himself if he had trained as hard as he possibly could, if he'd done his best. Because that's all you can do.

Best At-Home Escape
Looking at real estate on the Internet! My friends and I say it's like online porn for women.

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