Meadow has a vision board.

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Two years ago, Meadow believed her life was falling apart. "I was fat, I was broke, I was crying every day," Meadow says. "I lived in a place I didn't like. I lived in the snow, and I hated it there. I was drinking, and I was in trouble."

One day while sitting at Los Angeles International Airport and watching the departures, Meadow says she was struck by the feeling of wanting to go anywhere but back home. She went to the beach and asked for help. "The following day, I got a new client that gave me the secret to the law of attraction," she says.

Meadow says she began regularly reading Martha Beck's O column, which lead her to Martha's book, Finding Your Own North Star. "That book changed my life," Meadow says. "I started thinking in a new way, and from there my life has gone just skyward. Everything I asked for has come true. I wanted to live at the beach, and that has come true. My family is healthy and happy. I love my job, I sold my old business and someone who is passionate about that business now runs it."

In Meadow's house, the vision board is a family affair. It occupies an entire wall in the kitchen. "It has all our family's visions on it.