Meadow talks about her life now as a life coach.

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Meadow was able to turn her life around—she's now a life coach and is helping others with the struggles she once had. Meadow says her life changed when she met Martha Beck.

"I taught her that she knew all along what she was supposed to have and that she should just open her arms wider because the universe was trying to give her a big mission in life," Martha says. "She's helped so many people."

Meadow says her transformation involved changing the way she viewed her emotions. "I started to think differently," she says. "The way that I learned the law of attraction is that your feelings are the magnet. It's not only the thought, it's the emotion. So if you feel good, you start pulling things from the universe that make you feel good.

Louise says forgiveness is a big part of the journey. "Sometimes when things don't work, there's somebody you need to forgive," she says. "Any bitterness that we have in us can just stop the whole process. So we need to look around and say, 'All right, who do I need to forgive?' There's always somebody."

Forgiveness, however, does not mean you need to befriend the person who hurt you. "You don't even have to condone their behavior," Louise says. "It's just that you let the whole thing go; you separate yourself from the experience."