Nancy made a vision board.

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After reading The Secret, Nancy decided to make a vision board. On it, she included materials relating to her planned remodeling of her kitchen, including a Wolf stove. When she later bought a range it was a different brand—but after installing it, a burner would not start. She tried another one, but that didn't work either. Eventually, Nancy bought a Wolf, which did work. "Even when I tried to buy something else, the laws of attraction weren't letting me do that."

Nancy also put the name of a former client—who she hadn't heard from in seven or eight years—and his company on her vision board. "A few months went by, and out of the blue, his editor at that company called me and wondered if I was available to write an article for him."

"It's not about sitting on your couch and waiting for stuff to magically manifest in your life," Nancy says. "You have to keep your goals clear and keep them in front of you. That's what this vision board does for me. It makes me believe that it's all out there waiting for me. … It's a matter of seeing it on the board and then seeing it in my life and making that connection."