Cheryl Richardson

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Cheryl says trying to mistakenly use the law of attraction to get material things is really just the first step of a personal evolution. Eventually, she says, we should be able to get beyond that. "We didn't come here to buy SUVs and buy nice jeans," she says. "We all know that. Every human being I talk to knows that."

It is understandable to initially want those things, but Cheryl says the transition will come. "For example, when I first began this many years ago, I made a list on a little yellow sticky note of three things that I wanted. When it happened, I paid attention. I thought, 'Oh, my God, I cannot believe this occurred.' That started me on a spiritual journey. … As we do that, we start to move from the [material] things being so important, to who we're becoming as human beings and as spiritual beings being more important," she says. "From there, we start to care about the people around us and how we're influencing them."