We're the makeover generation. Who doesn't enjoy the idea of taking something that is substandard, be it our appearance, house or career, add expert advice and then the big reveal—a whole new you.

In looking at our search term data in just the last week, there were more than 1,300 different makeover terms that were entered in search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. We've made a game of makeovers—we're open to a virtual makeover, we're not willing to invest much time—so "six week makeover to a new body" appears to be a popular term.

Top 10 Searches Containing "Makeover" (Week Ending 1/30/10)

1. Makeover games
2. Extreme makeover home edition
3. Bratz makeover game
4. Virtual makeover
5. Room makeover
6. 6 week body makeover
7. Virtual hair makeover
8. Susan Boyle makeover
9. Online makeover
10. Barbie makeover games
Source: Experian Hitwise

There's one type of makeover that is conspicuously missing from the 1,300 terms. According to our latest data, one of the most visited websites in the United States, accounting for more than 6 percent of all our online visits each day, is Facebook.

As we post our stream of consciousness on our status updates and our friends' walls, photos of ourselves in mundane and compromising positions, sometimes we don't consider how our social network presence has become the most visible and discoverable part of our online life.

Our social network profile, whether we like it or not, has become our résumé, our dating profile, our personal mission statement and ultimately a digital reflection of ourselves.   

With the same care we give to our physical appearance, I think it's time that we talk makeover.


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