New Year's resolutions often fail because toxic emotions and experiences from our past can sabotage us or keep us stuck with the same old thoughts, patterns and regrets. So we end up with the same fruitless results. Can you imagine waking up today without your past history of doubt, fear and the perceptions that limit you or keep you stuck in repetitive patterns? Can you imagine being able to design a deep and meaningful future based on your soul's greatest expression and your heart's deepest desires rather than on old, outdated, unmet needs and beliefs?
This is what's possible when you've cleansed your consciousness. This is the magic of The 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse: A Breakthrough Program for Connecting with Your Soul's Deepest Purpose . When you clear away the outdated beliefs, assumptions, behaviors and habits that are embedded in your human operating system, you will be able and ready to install the 2010 version of your greatest life. Your New Year's resolutions won't be a wish, a fantasy that you hope to fulfill, but a reality that's day has come.

The 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse is a detox diet for the soul. When you take the time to cleanse your physical body of accumulated stress and toxicity, you are rewarded with increased vitality and optimal health. In the same way, the consciousness cleanse is designed to purify your mind and emotions, bringing you enormous amounts of strength, confidence and deep inner peace. The cleanse is designed to clear away the difficulties of your past—your struggles, stress, hurts and resentments—which may cloud your perception and prevent you from reaching your heart-filled goals.

The consciousness cleanse takes you on a journey of spiritual revitalization that will move your attention from the outside world back to your soul's divine design, the future that you're aching for, whether your breakthrough lies in the financial aspects of your life, a new job, a more inspiring career, an intimate relationship or breaking through the old patterns with someone you love. Maybe the divine design for you is to have a body that you love and the vitality of your youth. Maybe it's time for you to experience more love, more peace, more joy, more happiness or more intimacy. An exciting and inspiring future awaits you beyond the noise in your mind, beyond the guilt, doubt, fear, shame, insecurity and heaviness of the past you carry around. In this life-altering 21-day journey, your New Year's resolutions will no longer turn out to be half-baked hopes or wishful thinking, but instead a clear and precise road map to the life of your dreams.

The 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse is a practical program that promises to alter the quality and direction of your life and support you in not only obtaining your goals for the new year, but, more importantly, creating a new loving and nurturing relationship with yourself and with the power that sources you. This program will enable you to take back your power from the outer world, turn inward and reconnect with your inner guide and your highest self. Instead of being guided this year by your head and what you think you should do, you will be inspired and directed by your heart's deepest desires.

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