Are you searching for your spiritual path? Elizabeth Lesser says there are three things you can do to begin your journey.
If meditation sounds overwhelming, start small. "In January, carve out one minute—just one minute," Elizabeth says. "You wake up in the morning, you brush your teeth, you take your shower and then sit back on your bed one minute and go into stillness."

Increase your meditation time by one minute a month for a year. "By the time you get up to December, you're going to have a spiritual practice," Elizabeth says. "Twelve minutes a day where you're in stillness and you're listening to that voice within and you're getting fantastic guidance on how to make decisions."

Look for the message in every problem
Encountering problems is part of being human, but how you deal with them helps your spiritual journey. "Instead of fighting them, ask them 'What is embedded in you for me to learn?'" Elizabeth says. "'What are you here to teach me? What's your message?' The world is full, rich with messages if we approach problems as a friend."

Find like-minded friends
When you surround yourself with friends who are sharing the same spiritual path, it will improve your experience. "And that's what the religions do so well. They gather people together on a sacred journey," Elizabeth says. "But if you're not inclined to join a church or a synagogue, start a spiritual book club with your friends. Just find one friend like Connie did to take a walk with to bring you out of yourself into a grander vision of what your life can be."

"I would say it's paying attention to life because your life is speaking to you all the time," Oprah says. "There is nothing happening out of order with you because each of us, we are powerful energy forces, powerful energy fields drawing into our lives on a daily basis what we need to grow ourselves up and out and closer to spirit."

Elizabeth says we don't have to go anywhere to find our souls. "It's already there. It's there for us to tune in to, like the radio dial. Tune out the static. If you get clear and still, your soul has so much already alive to teach you," Elizabeth says. "That's why being still every now and then during your day will help you tap into your biggest self, your best self, your best life."


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