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Create a Pleasure Drawer
Desks are usually receptacles for utilitarian paraphernalia. But in the interest of slipping a little self-nurturing into your days, it's time to turn one into your own on-the-spot spa. "Stock your drawer with personal mementos or simple indulgences," suggests Barbanel. Gather your favorite scents, textures and tastes so you can create your own multisensory stress-relief treatments. Our suggestions: tiny scented candles in beautiful tins; pop-art-inspired beanbag sachets scented with invigorating grapefruit and peppermint; Hershey's Kisses; tiny self-massage tools that slip onto your fingertips; a silky jasmine-laced hand lotion to soothe skin; eucalyptus and mint room sprays to combat midafternoon energy slumps; and a lavender facial mist to perk up your complexion.