Dylan Lauren

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How did you fall in love with candy?
My parents [Ricky and Ralph Lauren] screened Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory at my sixth birthday party, and when I first glimpsed the lollipop and candy cane trees, gumball podiums and edible flowers, I remember thinking, "I want my own candy land!"

How does candy spark your creativity?
I've been making Pop Art–inspired collages with candy wrappers since college. And I love brainstorming funky creations, like pancakes-and-syrup-flavored chocolate.

Do you eat candy all day?
I'm constantly snacking on Swedish Fish, red gummy bears and gumballs; they keep me going. I try to make up for it by eating lots of vegetables.

See the items that inspire her...

Marker Set
A coworker gave me these from the Metropolitan Museum of Art store. The spectrum is pretty enough to hang on my wall, but I use the set to sketch new projects.
Sushi candies

International Candies
I'm fascinated by the packaging of sweets in Japan and European countries; it's very artistic, with intricate designs and beautiful materials like silk.

Cashmere Sweater
I own this cable-knit from my dad's line in six colors; it's my work uniform. I'll wear one over my shoulders with a dress or with jeans and a T-shirt. It's elegant, classic and supercomfortable.
Pantone Book

Pantone Book
I love color, and I'm very particular about the shades in our logo, plus the fixtures and packaging. This guide helps me nail the perfect pigments every time.
Porcelain Statuette

Porcelain Statuette
Growing up, I was obsessed with my two pet rabbits, Chocolate and Vanilla. I have more than 3,000 bunny figurines, stuffed bunnies and bunny-shaped candies.

When I'm feeling stressed after work, I head to this high-energy indoor cycling class. I leave feeling empowered and full of endorphins.

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