heath bar

Photo: J Muckle/Studio D.

If You Like Heath Bars Try...

Amy's Organic Andy's Dandy Candy in Crunchy

Bits of almond and a coating of deep, dark chocolate balance the sugary English toffee at the center. ($2.50 for 1.5 ounces; amys.com)

Photo: Nigel Cox

If You Like Milky Ways Try...

Whimsical Candy La-Dee-Dahs

Made by hand in small batches, these white-chocolate nougat and sea-salt caramel pinwheels dunked in dark chocolate are a swirly two-bite alternative to the boxy bar. ($6.50 for three; whimsicalcandy.com)

Photo: J Muckle/Studio D.

If You Like Caramels Try...

JJ's Sweets Cocomels

Handmade with coconut milk and organic brown rice syrup, these caramels are buttery, transcendent—and vegan! ($9 for 12; jjssweets.com)
life savers

Photo: Nigel Cox

If You Like Life Savers Try...

Brooklyn Hard Candy

Traditionally, hard candy is created by heating and pulling flavored sugar. The makers of this line roll the sugar instead for an even smoother texture that lets the fruit flavors—like blueberry and pineapple—shine. ($8 for a 2.5-ounce jar; brooklynhardcandy.com)
apple cand

Photo: Nigel Cox

If You Like Candy Apples Try...

John & Kira's Magic Apple Chocolates

These handpainted truffles almost seem too pretty to eat—until you learn that the Valrhona milk chocolate ganache contains an irresistible blend of cinnamon, cardamom, and apple schnapps. ($29 for nine; johnandkiras.com)

Photo: J Muckle/Studio D.

If You Like Raisinets Try...

Bissinger's Wine Grapes

Dried grapes soaked in Shiraz and dipped in dark chocolate have a subtle, alcohol-laced sweetness that pairs perfectly with a glass of wine. ($36 for a one-pound box; bissingers.com)

Photo: Nigel Cox

If You Like Lollipops Try...

Lollyphile! Lollipops

Skip the bland, flat sweetness of other pops in favor of unexpected flavors like White Russian, Absinthe, and Sriracha. ($10 for four; lollyphile.com)

Photo: Nigel Cox

If You Like Good & Plenty Try...

Fiona's Sweetshoppe Brown Sugar Licorice

Called griotten in Holland, this candy looks like a sugar cube but is actually a pillowy licorice-flavored bite that's dusted in brown sugar. ($9 for a half pound; fionassweetshoppe.com)

Photo: J Muckle/Studio D

If You Like Snickers Try...

Justin's Milk Chocolate Almond Candy Bar

Known for its all-natural nut butters, Justin's now has a caramel-and-nut-filled bar that's as indulgent as the classic—without any high-fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils. ($2; justinsnutbutter.com)

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