Author and political commentator Donna Brazile reveals six things she never wants to think about again—and you don't need them either.
The words "in my humble opinion." It is never humble and it is never delivered as opinion.

Energy sucks (a.k.a Negative Nancies, Debbie Downers, and Sad Sids). These are the people who find the cloud around every silver lining. If you can't cut them out of your life entirely, turn your interactions with them into a game. When my neighbor says, "I hate this horrible weather!" I say, "Isn't horrible weather great? It means I don't have to wash my car!"

Another person to make us complete. Being single isn't the same thing as being alone. Sometimes all it means is that you're responsible for picking up your own socks.

Bad wine. Life is too short, and good wine too cheap. I like my Chardonnay buttery, oaky, and shared with boisterous company. Flowers, roughly $40, are a favorite splurge, but I'm never too good for Two-Buck Chuck.

Magnifying mirrors. They make minor flaws look major, and before you know it you've plucked off all your eyebrows.

A half-caf no-whip double-shot mocha latte. Families are going hungry not far from where you are. Get in the habit of donating what you'd spend on one small luxury to a favorite local charity so it can be spent on a necessity by someone else.

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