The upbeat actor—whose new movie, Flight, opens this month—on poker, POTUS, and his favorite lunch companions.

Best Advice
"Fame is fleeting." My dad stressed that to me even before I began my career. They may be giving you the choice parking spot now, but don't be shocked when they throw you the keys and say, "Handle that."

Best Date Night
My wife and I usually go to an Italian restaurant nearby, and then drive to a casino to play poker. I've been playing for years, and my wife's even been to poker camp. It's not the most romantic date, but we have a lot of fun.

Best Time to Bite Your Tongue
I got to play basketball with George Clooney and President Obama earlier this year, which was fun. I didn't win, though, which was not fun. And then the president rubbed it in, which made it worse, because you can't do anything to him! He has 17,000 armed people around.

Best Escape
Ten days in Kona, Hawaii. By day ten, I have to get home. I bet there's some scientific explanation for what makes a homebody a homebody, but all I know is that I need to be back sleeping in my own bed.

Best Mood Boost
Anytime my two teenage girls want to do something with me, I feel like I've won the lottery, because usually I'm just someone they need to take them somewhere or hand them money. But when one of my daughters calls me and says, "Hey, Dad, want to get some lunch?" I'm like, yeah!

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