If we must wake up each morning knowing that we only have as many hours in a day as Beyoncé (and fewer assistants) it's only fair that we be allowed to take a midday nap, as Charles Darwin did, too. There is a commonly held conception of the prodigious creative as someone who works in feverish bouts throughout the day and night, breaking only long enough to smile for the camera (if you are Beyoncé) or light a next cigar (if you are Freud). But as this enlightening infographic from Info We Trust shows: geniuses, they're just like us! They all have their own habits and rituals to get through the day, and some of the maddest and most productive people in history seem to have kept pretty pedant daily routines. Beethoven, we're looking at you.

Many of the 16 composers, painters, writers, scientists, philosophers detailed made time for walks, and many depended on chemical—coffee, benzedrine, a cigar or 20, vodka martinis—assistants for help. But for the most part, each had his or her (though Dr. Maya Angelou is the only woman accounted for here, unfortunately) own routines. How does your day stack up?


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