Celebrity scandals, low-carb diets and miniskirts are all trends that will probably come and go. Some might even add meditation to that list of "in" things, but Ed and Deb Shapiro explain why meditation is, was and always will be here to stay.
From Madonna to Christie Turlington, from Sting to Richard Gere, and from East to West, meditation is what's happening. We use the term "sexy" because meditation is now the "in" thing, with more and more people—both young and old—who are chilling out by doing it. Also, cross-legged yogis and monks can be seen in television and magazine ads selling everything from hot cars to herbal teas.

You do not have to be a hippie or on a spiritual quest to meditate. We have taught housewives, athletes, musicians and therapists, in yoga centers and town halls, high school gymnasiums, on ski slopes and on television. We were invited to teach meditation in Thailand to corporate CEOs because more businesses are incorporating stress-release and meditation techniques into their lifestyles.

But if meditation is so available and as well known as it appears to be, why is it not already an integral part of everyone's lives? If health reports are saying how good meditation is for coping with stress, heart conditions and psychological issues, why do we ignore it or find excuses not to do it? Why do you think of something as a waste of time when research tells you it is immensely value?

Perhaps it's because meditation just doesn't seem that sexy. The mind seeks constant entertainment and much prefers being distracted than facing the endless drama racing around inside it. The idea of sitting still and watching your breath can appear boring, meaningless, even a time-waster, and not at all fun, challenging or creative.

Yet meditation is all of this and much more. It is about discovering your authenticity and the magic of being alive. It's sexy because it feels great and there is nothing more joyful.

Meditation is simply about being fully present in this moment, no matter what we are doing. If you are washing the dishes, then let any thoughts and distractions dissolve into the soap bubbles; if you are ironing, then become one with the rhythm of the movement; when you are eating, be aware of every bite, the tastes and textures. In this way, everything can be an awakening experience.

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