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Q: I strongly feel that I should be doing more with my life. As I look over it, I can say that it has been something out of a Tyler Perry play. I am very spiritual. I am always on the quest to acquire more knowledge. I want to do more. I am looking within, for I feel that is were I will see the direction I should be heading in. I am currently reading your book Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul. This book has given me great insight. With everything I've learned, my brain gets in a questioning mood. So, my question is: How do I tune in to my own energy?

— Demetra C., Windsor, Connecticut

Dear Demetra,
Yours is quite a confusing question. You say that you are spiritual and look inward for guidance all the time. Then you ask how to tune in to your own energy. Aren't you doing that already? There's a disconnect here, and I don't really understand what you are asking. But if "my own energy" means your unique path in life, many readers share your confusion. We are all conditioned by society, our families and beliefs we absorbed from all around us. These secondhand influences block our core identity, which I call the true self.

When the poet William Blake said that we must "cleanse the doors of perception," he didn't mean that our eyes need window washing. What blocks your vision exists inside the mind. A cloud of old conditioning makes it hard to look directly at whom you are and what your life means. Anything you can do to clear away the inner fog will bring you closer to your unique path in life. Indeed, no matter what else you are doing, clearing your perception will always be part of your path.

In practical terms, the following steps are useful:
  • Meditate in order to reach deeper levels of awareness.

  • Value inner silence and peace.

  • Resist the pull of gossip, bad news and sensationalism.

  • Read poetry and scriptures from all the world's wisdom traditions. This exposes you to clear, insightful, inspiring minds.

  • Tend to the better side of your nature and turn away from the worse side.

  • Heal old wounds. Release old resentments.

  • Confront fear and anger so that they can be resolved once and for all.

  • Remove yourself from situations that involve too much conflict and stress.

  • Become a person of peace.

  • Open any channel you an find that brings more love in your life.

  • Give generously of yourself.

I hope this helps.


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