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Q: Please consider this my "before" story. Lately, I've noticed more and more daily coincidences, some so uncanny, it's been overwhelming for me and my logical mind. My spiritual guiding system led me to your book The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence, and I purchased it yesterday.

I'm 50 pages in, and I don't remember ever feeling so awakened and spiritually trusting as I do right now. Your book has already given me the answers to why and how these "things" happen to me. Can I trust it, or did I just make it up because I want what I desire to become true? As I said, consider this my "before" life story, as I more consciously and intuitively operate from the world of infinite possibilities and creating the life I have always dreamed of—wow! Thank you for writing this book and extending a spiritual hand. To be spiritually continued…

— Ruth H., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Dear Ruth,
Thanks for the kind words and welcome to the exciting, confusing, ever-shifting world of consciousness. There are three steps to trusting these "things" that suddenly interrupt the ordinary flow of life, things that most people ignore but which can serve as fascinating wake-up calls.

  • Pay attention to each incident. Look at it. Hold it in your mind. Don't simply dismiss a coincidence and let it drift away. Life is totally interconnected. These unusual "things" are simply connections that surprise you because you aren't used to seeing life except in fragments. Now it is beginning to piece itself together.
  • Give significance to your experiences. This means changing your allegiance to a new way of perceiving yourself. You are accustomed to being an isolated person bounded by limited thoughts, feelings and experiences. This is the state of separation. Yet if you choose to, you can see yourself as part of the flow of life, the center of an unfolding, expanding awareness.
  • Value this new way of being in the world. You are the silent, unchanging witness in the midst of constant change. The real you comprehends far more than the limited self in separation. As you take your first steps into expanded consciousness, trust that the path is right, but don't trust every little incident.
There are many aspects of the self. Some rush forward eagerly into new, unknown challenges. Others hang behind and resist. This inner conflict has always been present, but now it is trying to resolve itself. That's why these unexpected "things" are cropping up. They reflect your desire to break free of conflict and confusion. With that intention, you are sure to make progress.


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