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Q: I'm writing you from Istanbul, Turkey. I am trying to find my life's purpose. I am always reading your advice and trying to practice your teachings. If a person has a problem with finding her/his purpose, can another person, maybe a spiritual teacher, do it for her/his? Thank you for being there.

— Aygun U., Istanbul, Turkey

Dear Aygun,
Your question is on the mind of every seeker, whether they are spiritual or seeking something else, such as love and success. For many people, this process is helped by finding a mentor. I've never heard anyone warn: "Be careful. Don't let your mentor turn you into a mindless follower." Yet one hears that quite often when it comes to spiritual seeking.

I mention this because I don't know if you deeply want a spiritual teacher or, at the other extreme, fear being overly influenced. Let me reassure you. No one can take from you what you don't willingly give. There are countless so-called teachers who want to seize power and control (not just in spirituality, but in all fields). You must be careful not to allow this. The best safeguard is alertness. Be aware of who you are and what you seek. You are not here to gratify any teacher, mentor or guide. You are here to fulfill your deepest personal goals.

Now you can see why your question doesn't lead to a simple answer. Yes, a guide can help point the way to your own sense of self and your purpose in life. No, a guide can't replace your own search. When you drive through town, signposts can tell you where each road goes, but only you can turn the wheel.


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