"Your inner voice teaches you about yourself and puts you on the right path. Without it, I wouldn't be where I am today." — Eileen Fisher

As a little girl, fashion designer Eileen Fisher was taught to put the feelings of others before her own; she learned to ignore her inner voice. In her 20's, she worked as a waitress and in interior and graphic design to make ends meet—but always dreamt of her own clothing line.

People called her a dreamer and said she'd never make it. "It made me doubt myself," says Eileen. "I was so confused that I couldn't hear the voices inside telling me what to do or how to go about it."

Eileen began to write and sketch in a journal to clarify her inner vision. Reading the journal helped her to see herself more clearly and realize negative energy was holding her back.

When Eileen surrounded herself with supportive people, she was able to put aside her childhood inhibitions and start her own business—with only $350 in her bank account! "It was like I was on a path. And the ideas and energy began to flow." Today, Eileen Fisher's clothing company is worth over one hundred million dollars!

"I believe that every minute we're awake our life is sending us messages about what we should be doing, where we should be headed." — Eileen Fisher


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