"When I'm doing my work, I'm truly living in the moment. There are absolutely no distractions. I'm in ecstasy." — Sue Hendrickson

Hardly the career you'd expect of someone who dropped out of school because of boredom at 17 years old, Sue Hendrickson has uncovered some of the most startling scientific discoveries of the last 20 years by trusting her intuition. Sue says, "I've always followed my instincts, even when people expected other things of me."

Not sure whether to call it an instinct or a sixth sense, Sue knows there's something that compels her to venture off the beaten path. "I just feel like I have to stop and look, or go to a certain area...and a number of times, I've found something very important."

Cheryl Richardson says Sue's story is a great example of what happens when you "hyper-focus" on the present moment—you can almost hear what your inner voice is telling you. Sue's dedication to listening to her life has led her to big payoffs.

While on a dig in the Black Hills of South Dakota, Sue had felt magnetically drawn to one spot, but didn't have time to investigate. As her group was leaving, a flat tire gave her the excuse she needed. Sue walked seven miles to a particular cliff with her dog, Gypsy, and saw six bones sticking out of the rock—they turned out to be the largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus rex ever found! Sue says, "It's as if the dinosaur cried out to me."


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