"I can't find words to express what it has meant for me to understand that taking responsibility is key to changing your life."
— Tyler Perry

Playwright Tyler Perry once blamed his lack of success on his parents and others—as a result, he was homeless and living in his car just four years ago. Now his sold-out shows are getting rave reviews across the country. How did Tyler transform his life? He took responsibility.

After years of intense anger and deep resentment, Tyler experienced an awakening. One day while Tyler was watching The Oprah Winfrey Show, he took some timeless advice—it can be cathartic to put feelings down on paper. So Tyler started writing letters to deal with his painful childhood—letters that eventually turned into his plays.

When his shows failed at the box office and he was left penniless, Tyler blamed everyone else—a habit he had acquired from his past. Tyler found that because he had allowed so much anger from his turbulent past to build inside of him, he always found a way to self-sabotage his ventures.

"Although I was angry, bitter, and blaming everyone in life, I had to take responsibility for [sabotaging myself]." — Tyler

Tyler took back his power by confronting his abusers and taking responsibility for his failures. His perception of his own writing changed, and he came to terms with his past.

Now Tyler's plays are successful and seen by 20,000 to 30,000 people a week. He listens to what his life has to say!


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