James explains what it means to go 'three for three.'

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Although thoughts are powerful, Jack says the feelings that the thoughts generate are what actually attract things into our lives. "Too many times people are thinking a thought like, 'I want to be my perfect body weight of 185 pounds.' But they look at the scale and they see 205 and they think, 'But I'll never make it,' … so they feel bad," Jack says. Instead of wallowing in those negative thoughts, you need to find the positive in the situation. Jack says you should stop feeling bad about the weight, and instead feel positive that you are willing to do something healthy to make your life better. Carrying with you those positive feelings is one key to your success.

James says that in order to attract the things you want into your life—to place the right order—you have to do what he calls going "three for three." "Your thoughts, your feelings and your actions all have to be firing simultaneously in the same direction," he says. Visualizing your future life can help to hone your thoughts and feelings toward the things you want.

The panel says the thoughts and the feelings are often easy for people to grasp, but you still have to do something about them. "A lot of people watch The Secret and they say, 'Well, I'm sitting around visualizing my millions coming into my lap.' Well, they'll come take your furniture away. And then how are you going to visualize [when you're living] on the curb?" James says. "You've got to act on it. Make decisions on where you're going versus where you have been."