Selma, Alabama, Resident on Boycotting Businesses in the 1960s South: "Let Them See the Power of Your Dollar"

Ethel Carrington Archibald, 69
Location: Henderson, NV

Shirley Morris Robertson, 69
Location: North Las Vegas, NV

Interview facilitated by Danny Titus

Civil rights protesters of the 1950s and '60s had many tools at their disposal, one of which was to boycott the businesses that relied on their money. Ethel Carrington Archibald and Shirley Morris Robertson, friends since they were 5 years old and Selma, Alabama, residents during the turbulent 1960s, look back at the implications of how you chose to spend your money.

"You have to let them see the power of your dollar," Ethel says.

Shirley adds, "In other words, hit them in their pockets. Shut down the transit area. Shut down the movie theaters."

Watch as Ethel and Shirley look back at everything they went through in the hard-won struggle for equal rights.

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Published 01/30/2015