Kim's mother

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My mom. Where do I begin to tell you how amazing she is? She is the most giving of people. She does not have a lot of money, but what she has is time, so that is what she gives. She helps at church, counsels friends and always shows kindness. One of my fondest memories occurred in fifth grade. There was a girl in my class that had a difficult family life and was not very clean because of the poor situation. You can imagine how cruel we, as kids, were to her. My mom saw her walking home in the freezing rain (she lived in the country about five miles from school). She stopped and gave her a ride home. She told me, and I was appalled at the thought. She said to me the most important thing I have never forgotten. She said that if I treated this girl poorly, then I was treating her (my mom) horribly. I didn't understand until she explained to me that she was that girl when she was young. I cried...never had it occurred to me that my mom had a life before me and that it was not as happy and blessed as mine.

From that point on, my heart became softened and kind, and I remember that life lesson daily. This is who she is, not who she is trying to be. There are a million reasons why she is the best mom. I love her with all of my heart.

Kim, Lafayette, Indiana