Dani and her mom

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I have cerebral palsy from the knees down. My mother has stayed by my side during every surgery, hospital stay and never once complained. On Feburary 2, I underwent full-length spinal surgery, developed a hemotoma blood clot the size of a grapefruit and had my gallbladder taken out. I also developed pancreatitis. For 10 weeks, I was in the hospital, and the only time my mother ever left my side was to go home and get clean clothes. During the times she went home, she always made sure a family member was with me. My mother has given up everything she ever wanted in life so that I could have fulfillment in mine. My mother would take me back and forth to the community college every day so that I could have an education, and yet she was never able to persue her own dreams. My mother even took her life savings and bought me a handicap-accessable van. I know that she use to tell my dad that she was saving that for a convertible someday.

Dani, Kuna, Idaho