They're cute and cuddly, but owning a dog can also bring great health benefits to your family. Find out how a pet can affect your health, and meet some outstanding canines!
PETS AND YOUR HEALTH   Pets and your health
4 ways to beat pet allergies
If your cuddling up with your pet leaves you with sneezes and sniffles, try these tips to keep your allergy symptoms at bay.
Learn how to be sneeze-free

Dr. Oz Pets, Humor and Health
Dogs take the nickname "man's best friend" very seriously. Find out how some canines are going above and beyond the call of duty to help people heal.
Learn more with Dr. Oz

Training your dog Breaking Bad Habits
Jumping is a problem that drives dog owners crazy—including Oprah! Watch how dog trainer Tamar Gellar keeps her dogs grounded.
How to teach your own dog some manners

Nate Berkus Nate's Doggie Dilemma 
Decorator Nate Berkus has helped countless people bring beauty and tranquility into their homes. Yet, despite being a design expert, he has a very big problem at home—two misbehaving dogs.
Can The Dog Whisperer rescue Nate?

RESCUE A DOG Adopting a Yorkie 
Adopt a Yorkie 
The Human Society of Missouri recently rescued more than 90 Yorkshire terriers living in unhealthy conditions.
Find out how you can help these rescued Yorkies

Investigating puppy mills 
The Truth About Puppy Mills 
Do you know where that doggy in the window came from? Lisa Ling exposes inhumane treatment of animals.
What you can do to help

Harpo rescue dogsHarpo's Rescues 
Meet the rescued cats and dogs who are now a part of the Harpo family.

Tori Spelling and Mimi LaRue Celebrity Canines
They're beloved by the rich and famous, or they've made a name for themselves. See how good a dog's life can really be!
Meet them all

Talented dogs Good Dogs!
Meet the tiniest and most talented dogs in the world! You've never seen anything like this...
See their mindblowing tricks 

Maggie Canine Prodigy
Maggie is a 7-year-old dog who's better at math than most humans her age. You've got to see her amazing arithmetic feat.
Watch Maggie do math for Oprah! Watch 

Faith Have Faith
You've never seen anything like this—a dog that walks like a human!
Watch now Watch 

Gibson Gibson's Big Trip
Where does a Great Dane bigger than Shaq sit on a plane? See how he travels, and meet other award-winning dogs.
Watch now Watch 

Sophie Remembering Sophie
Sophie, Oprah's beloved cocker spaniel, died on March 10, 2008. "She was a true love in my life," Oprah says.
Watch the tribute Watch  


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