Dr. Laura Berman and Oprah

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She's taken us behind the closed doors sex therapy, and now Dr. Laura Berman is back to tell you everything you want to know about sex—and more! Dr. Berman, a sex therapist for 18 years and author of Real Sex for Real Women, says denying yourself the opportunity to enjoy sex doesn't just cheat you out of pleasure—it also robs you of the chance for a full and happy life.

In her 23 years as a talk show host, Oprah says she's seen a drastic shift in the way women are approaching sex. "It used to be, I think, women would have discussions on this show and send us letters about having to sort of put out for their husbands and felt it as an obligation," Oprah says. "More recently, through the magazine and e-mails we're getting [it seems] that women themselves are more interested in being pleasured."

Dr. Berman says that's fantastic news for women and their relationships. "They're letting go of some of the guilt and the shame that they may have grown up with around sex and saying, 'You know what? This is really an important part of my life, and it's something that I don't want to live without,'" she says. "And when sex is working in a relationship, it's just one small part of the working relationship. But when it's not working, it really can take on a life of its own and really fray the fiber of your connection to one another."