Create a new sexual mantra.

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Conquering the negative messages that haunt you in the bedroom can also help you improve other areas of your life. To get Luanne on the road to fulfillment, Dr. Berman asks her to create a new sexual mantra. "You have to consciously create new messages to think when you start to think those old ones," she says. "And you really have to train yourself to replace those old messages with new ones. And it's actually easier than you think.

Dr. Berman suggests a few sexual affirmations to help women like Luanne get started:
  • This is good.
  • I am entitled to sexual pleasure.
  • I am a sensual, sexual woman.
  • I'm allowed to feel this.
  • This is good for my body.
  • This is good for my soul.
  • This is good for my relationship. 

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