Dr. Laura Berman and Luanne

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Dr. Berman says Luanne's situation is common. "It becomes this kind of cycle that you can't get out of because, at first, you do it and you think, 'Okay, it's just making things easier,'" Dr. Berman says. "Eventually, you start to resent it, and he's rolling over all happy with himself and you're thinking, 'Hey, what about me?'"

It's also not uncommon for women to wonder whether they've really had an orgasm. Dr. Berman says sex scenes in movies and on television can give women the wrong idea. "[During] every orgasm, you're not going to hear 'The Star-Spangled Banner,' and it's not going to be this huge, earth-shattering event," Dr. Berman says. "But that's great when that happens. You do a little dance."

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Dr. Berman gives Luanne credit for letting her truth out. "The great thing is that she took the risk, and it sometimes is easier to write a letter to your partner because you don't have to verbalize it," Dr. Berman says.